Do you need to get rid of some Aluminium?

Here at ADELAIDE METAL RECYCLING we buy a variety of Aluminium scrap metal. If you are unsure whether your scrap metal is worth something read more about the definitions below, or feel free to contact us to find out more information.

Irony Aluminium/ Engines & Gearboxes.

Irony Aluminium is another word for ( dirty ) Aluminium. Some examples of this type of Aluminium are, Engines, Gearboxes, Bull bars with steel attachments, Radiators ect .........

Clean Aluminium.

Clean Aluminium should not contain any plastic,paper, wood, steel ect ........

Cast Aluminium.

Cast Aluminium is a solid Aluminium ( NOT HOLLOW ) This type of Aluminium has been through several processes such as Die casting or mould casting. If you are unsure whether you have some cast Aluminium lying around so please contact us to find out.

Some kitchen appliances are also a form of Cast Aluminium and also Some Automobile parts are cast Aluminium  too for e.g Pistons, Transmissions.

Aluminium Wheels.

Aluminium Wheels is the rim out of any car or truck, and has the highest market value out of all the Aluminium scrap metals.