Car and Car bodies for scrap.

Car and car bodies are very popular in the scrap metal industry. Here at ADELAIDE METAL RECYCLING we buy and scrap a variety of unwanted Car, and Car bodies. If you are unsure whether your type of unwanted Car or Car Body is worth something then read a more detailed explanation below, or feel free to contact us to find out more information.

Cars for scrap.

Scrapping an unwanted car is fairly simple here at Adelaide Metal Recycling. All you need is to ring us, and let us know what sort of car you have for scrap then we give you a quote and then If you are happy with our TOP price we will then arrange for pick up. Adelaide Metal recycling also offer FREE same day pick up. No more work is needed from you.

Car bodies for scrap.

A car with no Engine  is classed as a Car body. To get a TOP dollar quote from Adelaide Metal Recycling all you need to do is follow the same procedure as mentioned above.