Do you have any copper that you need to get rid of? whether it is Shiny, No 1 or Burnt Copper.

Here at ADELAIDE METAL RECYCLING we buy a variety of Copper scrap metal. If you are unsure whether your Copper metal is worth something read more about the definitions below, or feel free to contact us to find out more information.

Shiny Copper

The stripped Copper Cable happens to be the most valuable high paying grade copper on the market. Shiny Copper cable has to be uncoated, unalloyed, and shiny. The mentioned above is why Shiny Copper is the #1 grade quality rating in the world.

Copper #1

The Copper #1 is the piping with no attachments or welding's joined to the Copper piping. 

Copper #2 Or Burnt Copper.

Copper #2 is piping with welded joints attached. Burnt Copper is also classed as a Copper #2. This type of copper you will find contains residue/contamination particles. Burnt copper can be harmful to you and the environment, so it is important to be disposed of the right/correct way. Burnt copper wire is formed from being burned to remove the insulation/cover from the Copper wire.

Domestic Copper.

Domestic Copper is copper piping with soldered joins and Brass fittings. These mixtures of soldering and brass attachments to the Domestic Copper brings down the market value of this type of metal. This is due to the extended processes that need to be done after the piping has landed in the scrap metal yard.

Irony Copper.

Irony Copper just like other Irony metals. It is a dirty metal, and is less in value then other Coppers on the market. Irony Copper will consist of any steel, plastic, or paper attachments. Irony Copper can also full under the category of domestic copper, as they are both pretty much the same type of scrap metal.