About us

Our Business Relationships, and Companies we deal with.

Wreckers & Scrap Companies

Here at Adelaide Metal Recycling we deal with many different wreckers and scrap companies. These business relationships/suppliers help Adelaide Metal Recycling maintain a steady, and fast paced production line within the back end of scrap recycling. 

If you are interested in becoming a buyer or supplier with Adelaide Metal Recycling then feel free to contact us to see how!

Plumbers & Air Conditioning

We also have business relationships with many Plumbing and Air Conditioning companies. Due to the nature of these job titles they are needing to dispose of many different metals or compressors to scrap yards.

Battery Dealers & Electricians

Battery dealers are always getting old out of date batteries, and here at Adelaide Metal Recycling we offer the service to take them off your hands. We are accredited and highly trained to dispose of all types of batteries the correct and safest way.

Electricians are very much the same as Plumbers. They too are needing to dispose of unwanted scraps after a job is done. This is why Adelaide Metal Recycling offer to take the unwanted scrap for companies to make life just that little bit easier, and hassle free.

Automative Industry & Car Wreckers

Due to Adelaide Metal Recycling getting a lot of car bodies, and car scraps we have business relationships with many car wreckers. We also have business relationships with many car industries as we are big on getting a high volume of unwanted car parts.

Demolition Companies & Skip Bin Business

Demolition companies have real good business relationships with metal recycling, as when they are demolishing a site there is lots of scrap metals that need to be disposed of.
The same goes for Skip bin businesses as there is many different types of scrap that they collect that need to be disposed of. 

The 2 businesses mentioned above are very dependent of scrap yards. Adelaide Metal Recycling are always looking for new suppliers, so please feel free to contact us on how to use Adelaide Metal Recycling today!

White Goods

White goods can be scrapped by anyone. Whether its taken away from your home or business by somebody else, or you yourself bring it to Adelaide Metal Recycling. Many companies that come out to replace white goods often take the damaged non working white goods away for you. This is where Adelaide Metal Recycling come in handy for these types of businesses to take this type of scrap off your hands.