Electric Motor

Do you have any old Electric Motors to sell? Then please read below to find out how Adelaide Metal Recycling can help.

Here at ADELAIDE METAL RECYCLING we buy and scrap a variety of unwanted Electronic Motors. If you are unsure whether your Electric Motor is worth something please read more about the definitions below, or feel free to contact us to find out more information.

Electric motors for scrap.

There are many types of Electric Motors that can be brought in as scrap. there are some Electric motors that have attachments, to get the right price the attachments needs to be removed from the electric motor.

Oversized Electric Motors.

An Over sized Electric Motor is any motor over 400 kg in weight. These type of electric motors are normally stripped from a manufacturing industrial machine. Industrial plants are the most common places you would find this type of over sized electric motors. The scrap market value for this type of Electric motor is a bit cheaper then a in sized Electric motor.