Lead / batteries


Are you needing to dispose of an unwanted Battery?. Here at ADELAIDE METAL RECYCLING we buy and scrap a variety of unwanted Batteries. If you are unsure whether your type of unwanted Battery is worth something then read a more detailed explanation below, or feel free to contact us to find out more information.

Lead Acid Batteries. 

A Lead Acid Battery comes from a car, truck, some machinery, and solar systems. Any type of battery needs to be handled, and recycled/scraped following the correct procedures. All batteries that contain some sort of dangerous liquid needs to be transported and disposed following the dangerous goods and hazardous waste regulations.

Here at Adelaide Metal Recycling all workers have been trained, and have a high understanding of all steps and procedures that need to be taken while dealing with your unwanted batteries.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding the disposal of your batteries. We are always here to help.

Lead / batteries